Saturday, 14 November 2015

It's Curtains For You

Here's the story......
I spotted these gorgeous curtains for £7.99 in a charity shop late on Tuesday, had a look, but thought they were too narrow for the window (bedroom) so put them back. Woke up in the night thinking ... Dammit, I could have used them to cover my dining chairs (post here about those). So went back first thing on Wednesday morning and grabbed them quick! They are really heavyweight and look like they have never been used, of at the very most perhaps ex-display. Got them home, and thought I'd just double check, and they fitted fine!!!!
The tie back thingies, that look like train buffers were in Dunelm, in a bargain basket. They were reduced from £5.99 - but, though identical, one was now £2.99, the other was £4.19, which was odd. My husband queried it with a staff member who put a sticker for £2.99 on the dearer one. Now here's the best bit.....when we got to the checkout.....they rang up at 50p each!!!!!
So that's a whole new look for the window for only £8.99.

The wardrobe has been mentioned here. The bedding, I picked up yesterday at a charity shop. The duvet cover was £1.00 and the runner was a snip at 25p!

Incidentally the old sewing box, which I adore and use often was through Freecycle a few years ago.

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