Friday, 18 December 2015

More Drawers

I have been playing with wallpaper samples again! This time it's a chest of drawers in the bedroom. Originally pine, I painted them off-white about two years ago. Today I decorated the fronts with a free sample of wallpaper.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

What Tales Could These Binoculars Tell?

I found these gorgeously old binoculars at a charity shop in Huddersfield today. Can't help wondering what sights they've magnified. Have trawled the Internet, I found some exactly the same. Apparently they are Edwardian! They cost me £3.99.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Folk Art Box

How beautiful is this???!! No, I didn't paint it, but it'll certailnly be providing me with lots of inspiration for other upcycling projects. I picked this up for £6 in Oxfam, Huddersfield. It has some age. I just love the fact that someone once spent ages painting this. It feels like it has stories to tell.
Oh, incidentally, the little sunburst frame in some of these photos was £1.45 from Age Concern. I'm thinking of removing the back and hanging it as an empty frame, or possibly trying to find a mirror to fit it. 


I've been looking for some new brown boots for a while, but generally find them a little tight. I found these in a charity shop in Huddersfield for a mere £10. I don't think they have ever been worn! The best boot-find I have ever had was a pair of furry suede boots I got out of a skip at the marina a few years back. They were really great quality and lasted me ages!

The Hedgehog Jumper

Who doesn't love a hedgehog, huh? I found this super-cute jumper in the British Heart Foundation shop a couple of weeks back. As I recall it was £3.45 :)